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Imagene aims to provide cutting-edge technology, cost effective & innovative IT solutions for every business activity to lay down the first step towards an automated office.
Our core competencies are in developing a custom made IT solutions suitable for your business using our products on-site/off-shore development activities.

1 Web Site / Portal Development

Web site designing is an art & requires a specialized skill. We want to make sure that your customers and clients can easily find what they are looking for on your website hence we create a web site that is as unique as your company. Our belief is that your business deserves a personalized web portal that works for you. We use all the latest and most established technologies to create a user friendly web site that is visually appealing and fully functional. We listen to you when you give us your valuable feedback and ideas and implement the same.

We provide all end-to-end services to make your website functional including domain name, web hosting, content creation, mail ids, maintenance & support.

2 IT Services

Continuous and constant upgradation in IT along with an increasing market competition, is adding difficulty and hesitation to several orders of scale to the business and trade. Effective implementation of information technology would increase flexibility by reducing cost of adjustment and decrease liability by reducing the cost of expected failures. The businesses reaction to the environment remains to be the vital determinant for its effectiveness. The flexibilities and capabilities of IT-communication systems make them gradually more appropriate to businesses by making them able to respond to any specific information or communication requirement.

When you think about technology for...

GROWING your markets
TACKLING new challenges
INCREASING competitive advantages
SATISFYING your customers
PLANNING for the future

We are there to help you meet all your IT Needs. We can help you develop customized IT solutions as per your requirements

3 Training

We offer a comprehensive range of training services: courseware development, instructor-led courses, private training and integrated training programs. We have several training courses in applications, programming languages, databases, Internet programming, and testing.

Imagene is committed to

To Educate students the importance of IT world, share with them the practical aspects of ever learning
Help organizations to develop specialized expertise in applications and systems software
To enable IT professionals to remain state-of-the-art and be more successful at their jobs
Providing midsized and small businesses with the skill set to utilize software technologies for improving employee productivity and growing their businesses

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